Creating the “Star Field Particles” music visualizer :

(for the download, see the bottom of the page).

Playing with particles and sound in Processing I created this music visualizer.

My primary goal was to make a lyrics engine, to display the played song’s lyrics as particle wandering around the space Like in this video:

But, on the development process, I found it extremely difficult to sync the lyrics with the music. It’s a millisecond precision work and the results weren’t too convincing, as you’ve seen (if anybody knows a service or web service that provides high-precision timed lyrics information, I’ll certainly update the lyrics engine).
This app can also be controlled (colors, camera, etc..) from any iPhone through the OSC protocol.

So, I decided to make a music visualizer (to download at the end of this page) with two particle engines and a simple word display, that you can control with your iPhone.

Textures and music parameters

With the “Star Field Particles” desktop application (see bottom of page) you’ll also be able to control both the “words”, “stars” and “particles” textures.

This means that if you drop your own images in the “\\textures” folder, you’ll be able to completely change the look of the application.
You will also be able to choose the mp3 track that will be played.

An example here of the same engine with different textures .

iPhone Remote Control

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 A few selected renders and videos.




Star Field Particles 1.


Star Field Particles 2.


Star Field Particle 3.


StarField Particles 4.







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