Continuing my ramblings with Fragmentarium,  exploring the mandelbulb fractal quite fascinated me.

In the process, I made very large renders (20k x 10k pixels), wich allows built-in GPU ray-tracer to draw all the details of the image.

The result is a very détailed picture, on which you can zoom in and find your special spots and places.

I have found mines and here they are.

Mandelbulb Sceneries 1.


Mandelbuld Sceneries 2.

Mandelbulb Series 3.

Mandelbuld Series 4 (detail).

Mandelbuld Sceneries 5 (detail).

Mandelbuld Sceneries 6 (black and white detail).

Mandelbulb Sceneries 7.


© capurevision (Sébastien Parodi), 2015.

All rights reserved.






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