Playing with fractals and tweaking the settings gave me these nice objects that ressembles microscopic jewelry or strange landscapes.

I used Fragmentarium to generate the fractal, and then played with the parameters until I obtained the desired result. The intrinsic repetitive nature of the fractal is diminished by the tweaking of the original formula (mandelbuld), and by mixing different formulas together.

I then exported very high resolution (20k x 10k pixels image), in order to mask the built-in GPU ray-casted render artifacts.
I then downscaled the pictures, and that gives them a very high level of detail.

Have fun downloading and zooming in these pictures, you’ll probably find your special places and spot. I found mines and here they are..



Some of them look like they’re made of precious stones laces..

Detail 01

Detail 2.

Detail 3.

Detail 4.


And some of them like futuristic wedding rings..

Ring 1.


Ring 2.


Ring 3.

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