Vertigo Buildings..

A few renders more in the sunflow ‘’city’ series.. Vertigo Buildings.

I started this set by using StructureSynth to generate the buildings that you can see

in the “Sunflow Cityscapes” set. After a while, I found myself hovering the generated

cities and, at some point, i looked down.

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Small worlds

It’s a small world.

I have been working to setup skyboxes and skyspheres in P5. Finally got it working (code to be posted soon. Need to clean it a bit first). When you’ve got skyboxes, skyspheres, the only complement are small worlds to populate all these skies.


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Sunflow distributed render farm

Setting up a distributed render farm

I am trying to set up a distributed render farm with Sunflow. I am planning setup 5 computers as a render grid with the Helios rendering farm solution.

What I’m trying to set up is to use distributed rendering straight from p5sunflow. I don’t really see how for the moment as the source for p5sunflow does not seem to be open (update :

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