I am Sebastien Parodi (capturevision), developper and generative artist / designer living in Paris.

My domains of interest are generative graphics, algorithmy, art, design, and finding new way to visualize very big interconnected datasets.

I’m available for design work, artistic direction, scientific visualizations, and more generally speaking, any project that involves generative graphics.


Email :

Flickr : My Flickr Site (images).

Vimeo : My Vimeo Site (videos).


20 thoughts on “Contact

  1. If you have any source file available for download, I can learn from the source. I saw some good looking red square pallets made in processing, if you can replay to this by my provided email that will be great

  2. Ben,

    I would advise going to the’s “library” section and download the following :
    – Toxic Libs : Awesome 3D Vector Lib.
    – ArcBall : Good for understanding cameras.
    – SurfaceLib : by eskimoblood

    Start with these and let me know if I can help.

  3. Hey Sebastien,

    I’ve been an admirer of your work for some time now :).

    I was just wondering if you had any tips/tricks for turning Processing sketches into video files, especially when doing music visualizations. Do you use a screen cam program, or MovieMaker or GSVideo?


  4. Hi Catherine,

    Thanks for the kind words 😉
    I’m using FRAPS to capture screen video and audio, then VirtualDub to convert FRAPS captured files back to divX. Fraps is shareware, but you can use it for free (if you can bear to have the logo on your videos), and VirtualDub is open-source..


    1. Hey Sebastien,

      Just thought I’d update that I’ve started using Fraps to capture my music visualizations, and it’s a lot less of a headache than any of my attempts to sync frame capture in movieMaker.

      For example, a video I did using fraps:
      vs. a video I did trying to sync moviemaker with minim:

      Thanks for your advice!


    1. He Chris,

      Thanks for the kind words.
      I had some exchanges with Dave on Flickr but as anybody I guess. I love his style too.

  5. Hi Sebastien,
    Firstly, I find your work really nice and interesting.
    I just created a production lab in paris. I work a lot with High speed cameras, macroscopic, endoscopic, stereoscopic point of views, …
    I’d like the idee of mixing medias and various artistic approachs.
    Playing myself with max/msp and vvvv, i do like starting a collaboration between generative code art and my way of producing reel life pictures.
    Look at to see our productions and our physlosophie.
    I hope you’re curious of this kind of collaboration.


    1. He raoul,

      I’ve been poking around your site and it seems great and very promising !
      I’m of course curious and open to any kind of collaboration. I’d love to see your work with vvvv for I had a bug in windows Explorer that prevented me to see the movies.
      Anyways, let’s stay in touch so we can have a talk.

      Sebastien Parodi

  6. Great work Sebastien,

    Do you know how to use Sunflow with Proce55ing 1.0?

    There seem to be very few who do, and I’d love to be able to do generative video with GI and DOF.

    Many thanks,


  7. Hi, Sebastien–

    These are great renders. Can you tell me if you are the author of the EisenScript for this abstract city model? I would like to include a render of it (with the pbrt renderer, in the forthcoming second edition of the “Physically Based Rendering” book, and am trying to find the right person to talk to about permissions / credits.


  8. hi, love your work. i used one of your images a background for my band’s mysapce. if you would like us to remove it please let me know. thanks.


    1. Your account ID seems to have been deleted. So.. my work is not for free 😉 But you can use it as long as :

      you send me the url of the site where it’s being used for approval.
      you do not alter in any way my work
      you mention my site and my name along with a link to my site.


  9. Dear Loran (Laurent Renaud?)

    I´m currently working on a book about a biennial competition for young architects and urban design professionals.

    The book are about the result of the Swedish involvement of the european-competition, and it will be printed in 1 000 copies.

    I stumbled upon this image from your webpage and i wonder i there is any possibilities for us to use it as an illustration.

    I´m looking for five different illustrations for use as title-spread when a new chapter begins (and one will be chosen as cover for the book) .

    And this illustration from you is brilliant!!

    The size of the spread is 440 x 280 mm / 300 dpi

    Sorry to say that we unfortunately have a very limited budget, but we can offer you something, what would your price-tag be for this illustration?

    Is there any possibility?

    Best regards,

    Paul Kühlhorn / Fellow Designers

  10. Hello Sebastien.

    My name is Dmitri and I am an artist working Denver, CO, US.

    I am working on a new project and I am interested in generating “crystal-like” patterns/structures using Structure Synth. I am new to the program and could use a few pointers. Do you know of any files that exist already that could be manipulated? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Feel free to contact me at odmitrius (at) gmail (dot) com


  11. I very much enjoyed seeing your work. I particularly like ‘SuperCity Spherical Overview 4’ image. Its quite spectacular! I would like to obtain it at a high resolution for a poster I am preparing. Can you contact me via email so we can discuss the details. Thanks!

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