Vertigo Buildings..

A few renders more in the sunflow ‘’city’ series.. Vertigo Buildings.

I started this set by using StructureSynth to generate the buildings that you can see

in the “Sunflow Cityscapes” set. After a while, I found myself hovering the generated

cities and, at some point, i looked down.

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New Sunflow Renders : Sunflow Cities

Sunflow Renders with High Settings

This new set and videos are based on my last works and learnings from Processing  p5Sunflow library, the sunflow renderer, and the use of StructureSyth to generate interesting rule-based geometry.

Visit the “Sunflow Cities” Project..

Sunflow distributed render farm

Setting up a distributed render farm

I am trying to set up a distributed render farm with Sunflow. I am planning setup 5 computers as a render grid with the Helios rendering farm solution.

What I’m trying to set up is to use distributed rendering straight from p5sunflow. I don’t really see how for the moment as the source for p5sunflow does not seem to be open (update :

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The ProcessBots project has started.

I have started a new "series" project called "RedBots".

The final aim of this project is to generate futuristic humanoid-looking robots straight from processing, with no interaction from post-production.

I am currently using :

and a robot appears..

RedBot Loving the Sun
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