Sunflow distributed render farm

Setting up a distributed render farm

I am trying to set up a distributed render farm with Sunflow. I am planning setup 5 computers as a render grid with the Helios rendering farm solution.

What I’m trying to set up is to use distributed rendering straight from p5sunflow. I don’t really see how for the moment as the source for p5sunflow does not seem to be open (update :

read : this processing forums thread)

The two galleries show the early rendering tests

Sunflow Experiments (flickr set).


Sunflow distributed tests (flickr set). 

I am also trying other rendering grid solutions with other renderers. I am currently exporting the geometry to .dxfformat and then I can use it in any renderer.


3 thoughts on “Sunflow distributed render farm

  1. You can have a look at the p5sunflow sourcecode. its inside the p5sunflow.jar file. just rename it into a zip. then extract. as you can do it with all jar files btw.

    If you are interested in Sunflow, you might check out my Java Library. Its calling Sunflow directly. So you are not limited to the look P5Sunflow cereates. You have so much more possibilities.
    (Still alpha version, documentation to come)

    And your stuff is awesome.

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