Creating an Executable Processing Sketch within Netbeans.

Processing IDE, though kind of rustic, has the cool ability to generate Mac and PC executables from the current Sketch.

As put more and more work into mastering processing (far from there yet..), I decided to do all the “really serious” coding in Netbeans 6.01, and just use processing as a library or for rapidly prototyping ideas.

Therefore, I miss the “create executable” processing feature that allowed me to distribute all kinds of applications to any platforms.

After a bit of googling, I have found the solution to the problem. It is solved in the following steps : 

  1. 1. In source, “Source Packages”, create a new file called “
  2. 2. Add a “Main-Class: your-package.your-main-class” in “
  3. 3. In file put “manifest.file=${build.dir}/classes/”

I you add that to the “jar-packing” functionality described in my “How to include processing jar in your project’s JAR” blog entry, you could normally create an executable application that contains only one .jar file. Cool !

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