Synchronizing P5 and audio

Dave Bollinger did it again ! This guy is really good.

Check his thread for a simple method for sync P5 data and audio. Another good resource is here at the julapy blog.


The ProcessBots project has started.

I have started a new "series" project called "RedBots".

The final aim of this project is to generate futuristic humanoid-looking robots straight from processing, with no interaction from post-production.

I am currently using :

and a robot appears..

RedBot Loving the Sun
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Configure OpenGl and Processing in NetBeans 6.01

How to configure NetBeans 6.x to run OpenGl enabled Processing sketches

After some jours of hair-pulling, I have stumbled upon this thread explaining how to configure NetBeans to run a Processing applet in OpenGL mode :-).

It seems that the path to follow is this one :

  1. –  Right click on the ‘Libraries’ folder in the left hand column and “Add JAR/Folder”, then in the dialog box locate the opengl.jar & jogl.jar files inside :
    ../Processing XXX/libraries/opengl/library/ folder
  2. Right click on the name of the project in the left hand column and select properties. Then in the box that pops up (Project Properties), click on the “Run” link in the left column. In the VM Options field you want to enter:
    -Djava.library.path="/Applications/Processing XXXX/libraries/opengl/library" 
  3. Running the application now will work, but if you try and run the compiled JAR of your application from the /dist/ folder, you will find it won’t work unless you copy some files into that directory.
    For Mac you need to copy all the *.jnilib files and for PC it is the *.dll files from : 
    into the /dist/ folder.

Isn’t that nice ? Now I can use the full-fledged NetBeans IDE (and hopefully auto-completion) to code my Processing sketches. Tags: , , , ,