12 comments on “How to embed resource files in your jars using Netbeans

  1. In the name of Allah…
    Thanks a lot it was very nice article. But I want to use it for reading a text file with FileInputStream class. My text files reside in resources/data/. But I have gotten java.io.FileNotFoundException.
    Any suggestions will be appreciated.

  2. Fine, but normally You do not put resources in the classes package tree, but outside.

    Normally You have the following structure

    You have to create Your own build.xm instead netbeans build file. In this in the jar target You have to jar with a ClassPath entry in the manifest attribute that references those outside directories.

  3. thanks for this article. was very useful to me, since there is not a lot support on sun’s forums on this topic

  4. This is a very useful post, but this is only for resources which have to be read. What about resources which have to be written? For instance if I want a text file in my program and I want to modify it, how can I find the related OutputStream? Is there a class similar to getResourceAsStream?

    I know that this post is old, but I would be very very happy if you can answer.

  5. Yo this looks great. I tried writing to a txt file in the jar, can you see what’s causing the exception? Thanks.

    public static final String QUESTION_FILE = “res/question.txt”; //A txt file in a res folder

    InputStream s = QuestionMain.class.getClassLoader().getResourceAsStream(QUESTION_FILE); //For reading, so far so good.

    PrintStream ps = new PrintStream(new File(QuestionMain.class.getResource(QUESTION_FILE).toURI())); //Tried this for writing to the txt file in the jar, but at this line the following exception i thrown at runtime only (compiles ok):

    Exception in thread “main” java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: URI is not hierarchical

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